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Omega 3 is key to a healthy brain and heart as it helps to reduce inflammation which can lead to disease. Plant derived (vegan) omega 3 is a new alterative to fish oil which has the added benefit of being easier to digest. Discover our top picks below.

organic omega 3

Why Organic Omega 3 is Better

Omega-3 is type of polyunsaturated fatty acid that plays many important roles in your body, including boosting immunity, heart  and brain function. While fish contain high levels of omega 3, they actually obtain this from the algae they consume and also come with the risk of containing high levels of mercury. While only the top brands filter out mercury and other impurities, the far safer option is to choose organic omega derived from plants. They are not only more sustainably produced but also easier to digest. While flaxseed is a great source of organic omega 3 it contains mostly ALA rather than DHA. As such, the best all natural, organic, vegan Omega 3 is produced from algae or sea berry (sea buckthorn). Sea berry in particular is very rich in DHA and EPA and so has a more complete and well-rounded Omega 3 profile.

Here are our top organic omega 3 recommendations:


Wiley’s Finest CatchFree Liquid omega-3, Vegan, Organic, Plant-Based Algae Oil

Wiley’s Finest CatchFree omega-3 is a 100% plant-based and organic. It's perfect for vegans as made from algae and each dose delivers 2,300mg of omega 3s, including 500mg DHA, 5mg EPA and vitamin D3. It's tropical mango flavored, which is surprisingly delicious!
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Veggie Doctor Omega 3 Better Than Fish Oil

The Veggie Doctor Plant Based Vegan Omega 3 decreases inflammation in the body helps boost & strengthen the immune system helping prevent diseases like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The essential fatty acid DPA has been shown to inhibit inflammation even better than EPA. In your body, EPA is naturally turned into DPA because it’s better suited to control inflammation. DPA helps support your joints better than other essential fatty acids & helps maximize the benefits from omega-3s.
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Good Earth Vegan DHA Omega 3 Fish Oil

Good Earth's 100% Vegan Omega-3 is made with high quality organic Algal oil derived directly from marine algae. It is a potent source of high concentrated DHA which in turn supports a healthy heart and brain as well as joints and eyes. It is sustainably sourced from non-GMO, organically farmed algae in controlled conditions free of ocean-born toxins.
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MaryRuth’s Organic Vegan Omega 3-6-7-9 Gummies

Plant-Based Organic: These vegan Omega 3-6-7-9 gummies are Non-GMO, gluten-free, wheat-free, yeast-free, paleo-friendly, and celiac-friendly, and contain no nightshades or gelatin. Low-Calorie Flavor & Sugar Free: Enjoy these gummies in delicious peach, mango, apricot flavor! These vegan OMEGA gummies are great tasting. Vegan Omega 7 Bonus: Sourced from Flax Seed Oil (450 mg per serving) and Sea Berry (270mg per serving), one of the only gummies that includes Omega 7 from Organic Seaberry. See below for the Omega 3679 breakdown!
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Barlean’s Seriously Delicious Organic Omega 3, Key Lime Pie

Barlean’s Seriously Delicious Organic Omega 3 contains 1,500mg of Omega-3 EPA/DHA per serving. 3X better absorption of Omega-3s than with regular fish oil or soft gel. The Key Lime Pie flavor is also very good. Suitable for kids and adults.
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NatureWise Organic Omega 3 Flaxseed Oil

HIGHEST POTENCY ALA: NatureWise Organic Flaxseed Oil delivers 720 mg ALA Omega-3 essential fatty acids per softgel, the highest concentration of ALA in any flaxseed oil supplements. PLANT-BASED ALTERNATIVE TO FISH OILS: Flaxseed oil offers a cleaner, more sustainable, plant-based source of omega-3 essential fatty acids compared to fish oil supplements. PURE, ORGANIC, & COLD-PRESSED: Our pure flaxseed oil is carefully extracted from organic, non-GMO flax seeds without the use of hexane or added heat, helping to preserve the delicate structure of the omega-3s.
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Solgar Earth Source Organic Omega 3 Flaxseed Oil, 16 oz

Organic Omega 3-6-9 Dietary Supplement; Solgar Earth Source Organic Flaxseed Oil provides one of the most concentrated vegan plant sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acid ALA found in nature; Also provides Oleic Acid, an Omega-9 Fatty Acid An Oil That Supports Heart, Skin And Nerve Health; Flaxseed oil contains fatty acids (Omega -3-6-9), known as “good fats” that play a role in providing energy for the body and supporting cellular health Fresh, Potent, And Developed Without Solvents; Flaxseeds are pressed using unique cold processing method; Oil is filled under nitrogen blanket to prevent oxygen exposure; Signature amber glass bottles minimize light exposure, maintaining freshness and potency
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Nature Made Organic Omega 3 Flaxseed Oil 1,400 mg

May help support cardiovascular health. Helps support healthy cellular function. Plant-based source of omega-3s if you avoid fish in your diet.
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We care a ton about quality, organic products and realize there are some excellent products that are not on our lists however we do our best to pick from readily available suppliers and so all of our recommendations can be bought directly on Amazon ( note that as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases).  Finally, all of our recommendations are based on our own experiences as well as recommendations from experts and reviews from others.  We’ve been putting together shortlists for friends and family for years and so started the Organic Shortlist in order to help you save time searching for the best.  We hope you find our shortlists useful!

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